How To add a Matte Finish in Levels and Curves

The foundation of a good photograph is getting it right in camera as well as a good clean edit.  After that foundation is layed then there is room for creative editing.  I must admit that I'm not a fan of matte edits but I thought to blog about it because it's just good info to know!

Open up you image in Photoshop.  
 Click on Levels
 Make sure your properties for curves is visible.
 Move the left hand side of the output slider from the left over to the right until you have the desired amount of matte in your image.  

 If you'd like to do the adjustment in Curves: 

Open up your document:
Add a Curves Adjustment Layer and bring up the right side of the curve up to add haze.
Depending on how much haze you want you can bring the slider up for more haze and down for less.
Save your PSD!  Voila!