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My first experiment with Scripture Tags and Mixed Media

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A Special Gift from the Heart~ a Handmade Batik Quilt

I went to a church conference in October and one of my dearest and sweetest friends made a wonderful gift for me.  
I've known this gem of a gal since she was a toddler and she has grown up to be a beautiful lady, both inside and out, serving in the ministry with her husband as the pastor of a church.

Look at this precious gift~  a beautiful batik quilt!  

It was in the prettiest gift bag with some tissue paper and wrapped in a golden yellow bow.  
How precious this wonderful gift is to me and I am so honored that it is mine.
 The fabrics are wonderfully bright and funky.
It's at times like these when words simply can't express the kindness and gratitude of dear friends.   
 I do hope that I can convey how much I love and cherish this wonderful gift of friendship!
Thank you, my dear friend!  I am so grateful for your friendship!  

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Have a Lovely Day!

Pray without Ceasing~ Bible Journaling: Philippians 4:13

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How I add my Cleaning Schedules to my Happy Planner

My Happy Planner has been getting lots of love in the past 4 months since I started using (and decorating) it.  
I love that it's so quick and easy to throw a weekly layout together in a few minutes and it allows me a small bit of creativity throughout my week.
In days past, I used to keep a home journal that kept track of my daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.  It was ugly and it was boring.  Really boring. I've now incorporated it into my Happy Planner and love how it's portable and everything is in one place.

It's a joy to use every day.  

Here's my initial layout for the week of November 16th through the 22nd.
And here it is with all of my cleaning schedules inserted.
Every day I do my daily list as shown on the right side of my planner.   
In this list are the things that need to be done daily (or nearly every day).   
My daily and weekly lists are removable and can be used week after week.  I've been using this one for about 4 months so far.  

At left is my weekly chore list. Sometimes I don't get every task done so I like to think of it as a revolving list.  If I miss a certain chore that week I do it the next week, so I know that it will eventually get done sooner than later.  

With the weekly list at left and the daily list at right it makes everything easy to find and accesible.
I could clutter up my planner with a ton of individual tasks,  but I've found this is the easiest way to streamline my planning.  
When I'm finished with my daily routine (I still inadvertently call it a morning routine hence the MR) I simply I check it off.  
The same goes for my weekly routine which is abbreviated by WR.  
This weekly layout was inspired by a piece of scrap book paper that featured vintage looking tickets and I love the colors in it.  
Most of my accents were cut out by hand.
This tab/tip in/ insert is completely for decorative purposes but I can add a picture or quote in the future. 
And here are a few more decorative shots...
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Developing a Practical style in my Happy Planning

The month of October has been a bit of a drudge for me in planning and I'm simplifying my process to only use what I love.  

I'm thinking I'm less fond of stamping with icons/task stamps and prefer just to write my daily to do lists and items.
It seems that word stamps seem less personal to me.
(My exception to this would be my water stamps because I love them!)
I am still enjoying adding stickers as accents here and there.
For the week in October I did a Pumpkin inspired layout.  
And here's my November monthly view.  
For me,  I think I'm going to go for more simple inspirations. 

What are your favorite tools in planning to decorate your planner?  Are you a minimalist?  Do you love excess?  Do you enjoy stamps?  Enjoy writing by hand?

I'd love to hear what you LOVE! 

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Have a Lovely Day!!!

Worship Wednesday~ Psalm 23 with Shane and Shane

You know that worship music that the Lord reaches out and touches your soul through?  
That's how it's always been for me while listening to Shane and Shane.  
I discovered their music about 6 years ago when we were living in Korea and I traveled the country by train and bus with them playing on my Ipod. 
When my husband nearly died a few years ago,  their music, which is rooted in the Word of God, was such a great comfort to me to me in my most difficult of times.  I really cherish when the Word of God (in both text and song) was most precious in comforting my soul.

They released a new album a few weeks ago and last week I was  blessed with the opportunity to worship with them. 
It was a very cozy setup with the simplicity of Shane Barnard on guitar and vocals, Shane Everett on vocals and their drummer.
No lights.  No excess. 
Just their wonderful voices singing tight harmony and lifting up the name of the Lord.  
Afterwards,  I had the joy of meeting them (actually for the second time) and sharing what a wonderful blessing their music has been to me.

If you'd like to listen to one of their songs from their latest release here is one of my favorites.  
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  

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Have a Lovely Day!