A Special Gift from the Heart~ a Handmade Batik Quilt

I went to a church conference in October and one of my dearest and sweetest friends made a wonderful gift for me.  
I've known this gem of a gal since she was a toddler and she has grown up to be a beautiful lady, both inside and out, serving in the ministry with her husband as the pastor of a church.

Look at this precious gift~  a beautiful batik quilt!  

It was in the prettiest gift bag with some tissue paper and wrapped in a golden yellow bow.  
How precious this wonderful gift is to me and I am so honored that it is mine.
 The fabrics are wonderfully bright and funky.
It's at times like these when words simply can't express the kindness and gratitude of dear friends.   
 I do hope that I can convey how much I love and cherish this wonderful gift of friendship!
Thank you, my dear friend!  I am so grateful for your friendship!  

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Have a Lovely Day!


  1. What a beautiful gift! So much work and so much love poured into that quilt!

    1. I love it! Thank you for your kind comment!

  2. Oh what beautiful colors!!!! The gift is amazing, but what is more amazing is that you have a dear friend who would take the time to make you such a wonderful gift. What a blessing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! It really is a blessing and I'm grateful!