Developing a Practical style in my Happy Planning

The month of October has been a bit of a drudge for me in planning and I'm simplifying my process to only use what I love.  

I'm thinking I'm less fond of stamping with icons/task stamps and prefer just to write my daily to do lists and items.
It seems that word stamps seem less personal to me.
(My exception to this would be my water stamps because I love them!)
I am still enjoying adding stickers as accents here and there.
For the week in October I did a Pumpkin inspired layout.  
And here's my November monthly view.  
For me,  I think I'm going to go for more simple inspirations. 

What are your favorite tools in planning to decorate your planner?  Are you a minimalist?  Do you love excess?  Do you enjoy stamps?  Enjoy writing by hand?

I'd love to hear what you LOVE! 

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Have a Lovely Day!!!


  1. I am such a minimalist. I look at your pretty decorations and wonder where I would write all the stuff. But while I underdecorate, I probably over plan!

    1. I hate clutter as well. :) I put my cleaning schedules on inserts for repetive tasks so that leaves a bit more free space. If you check out my latest blog post on "HOW I ADD MY CLEANING SCHEDULES TO MY HAPPY PLANNER" you can see it.

      Thank you for your kind comment!