The LONG Winter.

It's been a long winter here in Chicagoland and we are officially at the 3rd worst winter in history.  I think everyone is longing for spring thaw and warmer days!  

Getting out as frequently hasn't happened as much as I'd like it to and time has been spent mostly indoors finding ways to be creative with a daily shot or edit.   When you see things every day it's easy to not look at things with a creative eye so I've been trying to look at things a little differently to stir up my creative side.

We've had a bit of melting recently and have 6 foot icicles hanging off of the rain gutters.  The sun was shining through them one day from the front porch and I grabbed my camera. 
Someone was SO kind to give us a gift card for an Italian Restaurant over in Indiana recently so the hubs and I had an official date night.   
I've been taking an online course in photoshop and have been doing quite the bit of tweaking with contrast as you can see from the remainder of my images posted today in black and white.  

This one was taken in the corner of our living room where the light streams in wonderfully. 
This was from a trip to our local library, once again a study/edit in contrasts.  
And here's the before and after side by side.  
Those are some of the images I've taken recently!  

Hope you are staying warm in your part of the world 
Until next time!
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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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