Your Mercy turns us into Grateful People

I've been thinking about gratitude lately.    
In the best of times and the worst of times,  I've found that cultivating a spirit of gratitude allows me to have peace in even the most difficult situations.  It assures my heart that God is in control.  
Psalm 86:3 
Be merciful unto me, O Lord: for I cry unto thee daily.  
When the mercy of God is alive in our hearts it refocuses us from being dissatisfied and self centered to giving gratitude and praise.  
We all know the account of the 9 lepers that didn't say thank you to the Lord. Perhaps the 9 ran to their families to share the wonderful news of their healing?  I sure hope so! 

The 10th leper  took the time to make his way back to Jesus to say thank you.  A simple act of thanks and courtesy.   What a great role model for us in our walk with the Lord! 

If you'd like to read the account of the leper you can click here.

There are a few things that stand out to me in that story of gratitude.  

The leper glorified God in a loud voice.  
His thanks and praise came from the depths of his soul.  
There are so many things I can thank the Lord for on a daily basis.  

When my husband was in the hospital in Korea after having 3 brain aneurysms (one of which hemmoraged) I heard the song by Laura Story called 'What a Saviour' through my streaming phone.

While driving to visit him in the hospital, I sang that song between sobs as a prayer to the Lord as loud as I could.  
I know it sounded horrible, was unintelligible and was more like wailing, 
But it was my heart's prayer and there was no one to hear me but my Lord.  God was there inhabiting my praise.

In spite of the darkness God was still good to me.

He fell down at the feet of Jesus in surrender.  
Surrender is like fresh rain to a thirsty soul.
It's like being cleansed all over again. 
A new beginning.  

He gave Thanks. 
This one's pretty simple.  
His mercy turns us into grateful people
Have you thanked Him today?  

This song by Watermark has been in my heart for the past few weeks.  Yes,  it's time that we give Him honor!  

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Have a Lovely Day!!!



  1. What a sweet post about a great verse of scripture! Thanks for sharing today.

    I found your site via the Tell it to Me Tuesday Link up, and I'm glad to find you.

    I have a question - what Bible is that in the pictures? My daughter loves art, and I was thinking of getting an illustrated/journal type Bible for her. Would love to know what you use...

    Thanks, and blessings to you,

    1. 'm so glad you stopped by Melanie and left a comment!

      It's an single column ESV Journaling Bible that you can get from your nearest Christian book store or Amazon. They also have the 2 column ESV Journaling Bibles and KJV as well. There are quite a few groups on facebook if you are interested and one for teens I believe.

      Here's the link: