Love Covers All Sin~ Proverbs 10:12/ Using cheap Acrylic Paints in my Bible Journaling

Happy Monday!!!  

Proverbs 10:12b says 
"Love covereth all sins."  

I'm so grateful for Jesus, and his sacrifice that he made for me.  
His precious blood has covered my sin!  

What a wonderful God we serve!  

After I did the above journaling verse, I decided to try some acrylic paints on my Bible on the same page.  You know those cheapy 49 cents acrylic paints that you can buy at Walmart in assorted colors?  That's exactly what I used and I'm very pleased with the results!   I had purchased some (pretty expensive) watercolor pencils, and compared to those,  I love the acrylic paints MORE!  Go figure!  

For each drop or two of acrylic paint,  I added a drop of matte gel medium and mixed it up before applying it to my bible page.   I don't even think it's neccesary  to add matte gel medium since the paint doesn't have a high water content and doesn't seep into the page.  

I went through my scant washi collection and found this pretty stripey tape to add to the sides.  Oh how I love the pop of color and how vibrant it is!

If you look on the flip side of the page,  you can see that there is a bit of ghosting but not any more then the text from the opposite page.  

It is MUCH less then using the watercolor pencils.  
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Have a Lovely Monay!!! 



  1. A just weight... I've never been much for visuals when reading, but when you have to wrap yourself and your mind around a verse, it comes in handy. A just weight illustration would be a great place to start!


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Farin! I'm so glad you stopped by and wrote!

  2. Love the colors on the pages. I think adding visuals is easier on the eyes to focus on the words and it sticks better


    1. Thanks so much Samantha for your comment! It does help retain the verses in my memory. I'm off to visit your blog. :)

  3. Love your courage with colors.
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