Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year!  When colder weather moves in and we celebrate the things which we are most thankful for.  I've got so much to be grateful for and to summarize it in a blog post is nearly impossible but I'm going to give it a shot. 
 1.  God~  He's been there for me in the darkest times and literally carried me through some big trials.  It was in those lowest times that I felt Him and knew He was with me in ways that are most precious.  
2~  My husband~  Life came to a screeching halt 2 1/2 years ago when my husband had 3 brain aneurysm, one of which hemmoraghed.  The fact that he is absolutely normal with no brain damage or memory loss is a true testimony to the wonderful miracle that God has allowed us to experience.  I am so grateful every day.  Every day is precious. 
3.  Friends~  There are those people in life who you have your back.  They know all your faults but lovingly encourage you to better and be more.  They've stood behind me and held me up in prayer when I had no strength to go on.  It's genuine friends that I am so grateful for! 

4.  Family~  They've taught me genuine compassion and life lessons that were invaluable.  My Dad was carefree and spontaneous and my Mom showered me with genuine love.  I am blessed with sisters and brothers,  nephews and nieces and I'm glad to be on this journey of life with them.  

5.~  The mundane things of life.   Waking up next to my husband with his favorite song as an alarm tone.  The smell of brewed coffee.  The sound of Shane and Shane playing guitar with their tight harmonies on my stereo.   Being able to sleep in.  The list goes on.... 

Happy Thankgiving to you!!!   Know that you are loved!
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Have a Lovely Day!!! 

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