All Things Photography~!

I had a wonderful opportunity recently, and that was to meet up with other local photogs in the Northwest Indiana/South Chicagoland area.  We were supposed to have a bigger turnout but winter reared it's ugly head and kept some of us from getting out and driving.  We talked,  exchanged lenses,  took shots and shared lenses again.  (Can you tell I enjoyed the swapping lenses part?)  

I was great to meet other people who share the same passion and wouldn't roll their eyes at me when I obsessed or talked about all things photography.

Here's a shot using Katie's 35mm with Beth's sweet daughter.
This is the above image cropped. How I want one!  The sharpness is incredible.  
And here's one of Katie's sweet son:

We held our meeting at the Library in downtown Crown Point.  I could definitely move here!  
The library is across the street from the County Courthouse and is surrounded by antique shops, shopping and restaurants.  

I've been plugging along with my Nifty 50 and using it as much as possible 
since it's my least used lens in my bag.  Here's a recent selfie.  

And another recent one with some backlighting in my living room.  
Lastly, I've been partaking in a group and we were challenged to do a storyboard.  I did this one today of my husband hard at work.  (all with my 50mm)
We've got freezing weather in Chicagoland and a high today of 0 degrees.  It's frigid!  Stay safe and warm!  

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Have a Lovely Day!!!


  1. One of the benefits of blogging is that my photography is improving. I laugh when I look back two years to some of the photos I posted on my blog.

    Your photography is great - my fav is the eye.

    1. Isn't that a fact? I've challenged myself to do a photo a day shot in manual. I do hope I'm improving! :)