This and That~ Photography Style

These are some shots that I took last year from various parts of Chicagoland.  
I had them in queue but never hit publish.

This was taken near Crawford Steel Company as mentioned in a previous post.    I simply love this image.
It reminds me of this song by Casting Crowns~  All You've Ever Wanted.  Isn't it true that we all have that inner desire to be loved and accepted by the One who  created us and loved us?  All He has ever wanted is our heart!  

The hubs and I stopped at Joong Bu Market in North Chicago last year and we couldn't help but get a bite to eat.  Makes me homesick for the Land of the Morning Calm where I called home for over 11 years.  
A precious friend gave us a gift card to a local Italian place in Dyer, Indiana so we had a date night.  This was on of the first images I converted to black and white using a photo shop class that I took.
This was taken at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle when I visited with my sister.  Those butterflies flying and flitting around are very difficult to capture!  
From our backyard here in Chicago Heights taken with my 105mm 2.8 macro.  Love the depth of field with this lens and it remains one of my favorite lenses of all time.  It's so versatile.  
A study in shadows with the incredible edible egg using the window coming in from my dining room window.
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