Get the Scoop!

This is an old post that, for some odd reason, never got published... so here ya go!  :) 

I purchase 25 pound bags of flour at quite a substantial savings since I bake my own bread.  Instead of lugging the entire container out of my pantry I've made a handy dandy scoop out of a recylcled plastic gallon jug, fill it up with flour and take it to my kitchen counter work space.  I had a brilliant idea with measuring as well!  Since my bread recipe calls for 5 cups of flour, I've scooped it in, and drew a line on the outside to tell me how much flour to use every time without measuring.   It works like a charm!

I can think of a few other places to use these~   
In the sandbox for kids, as a scoop for dog food,  for scooping sugar,  for scooping out salt to melt ice, feeding chickens, bailing water and the list goes on.....
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