Back to School Couponing

My husband was a bit hesitant when I told him I wanted to give couponing a try.  I'll admit I was hesitant as well.  
I'm practical.  I didn't want to be purchasing items that I would never buy on a regular basis since it would be a waste of money and space.  And besides that, who needs 10 packages of something I will not use?  Not I.  
But, I'm here to tell you that it really works and that I surprised myself in the past three weeks.  I've been very choosy with my spending and have walked away with some serious deals.

Here's my shopping trips from yesterday.  All of the grocery stores I visited are within a 2ish mile radius from my house so no extra travel and gas was neccesary.  
We don't do cereal in our home but my husband likes one kind.  When I saw it at CVS recently I snatched it up.  I was able to buy 8 boxes for 
$10.48 cents.  It usually costs $3.24 cents a box so we saved $15.84 total
Bumble Bee tuna was on sale (also at CVS) and I picked it up for .69 cents a can.  8 cans came out to $5.52.  
My local Food4Less has had some awesome deals lately for Peanut Butter due to back to school.  If you purchase Jif in multiples of 5 they are only 1.49 cents each.  Normally they are 2.49.  What a great deal!  I made sure to stock up for the winter (and beyond!)  I paid $11.92 for 8 and normally would have paid $19.92.  That's a savings of $11.92.  
My last deal was from Ultra Foods.  The Welch's jams were .98 cents each and with a coupon came out to .50 cents each. The Alberto V05 came out to .25 cents each.  The total I paid out of pocket was $3.10.   
There you have it!  Proof that couponing does work!  

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