What I've Learned about Couponing.

I'm two weeks into couponing.  
I've bought two weeks worth of coupons and I've learned a ton so far.  
I've also saved quite a bit of money and that makes me sooooo happy.  
I'm sure I'll learn a ton of more stuff but here's what I've learned so far.
1.  Mistakes will happen.  My first big transaction didn't go as I had planned.  I was nervous and didn't do it correctly and I could have saved us more money.  Even though that happens it's still a learning experience and that's still okay.  

2.  Buy newspapers at the dollar store instead of at Walmart and other retail stores.  My first week I only purchased 2 newspapers because they were over 3 dollars EACH!  For the same amount of money I could have purchased 6 papers at Dollar Tree.  (Dollar Tree sells Sunday papers on Saturday afternoon which is very convenient)
3.  It takes patience.  Patience to know which coupons are in your binder.  Patience to know that grocery store circulars run from Wednesday to Tuesday.  Patience to know that Target and Walmart ads run from Sunday to Saturdays.  And more patience to match local sales to coupons and know how to work ECB's (extra care bucks) etc.  The ECB's still make my head reel.  (ECB= Extra Care Bucks at CVS.  Other stores have different names for them including Up~rewards)
4.  It takes a ton of time and effort.  He replied that many don't coupon because it's hard work.  I have to admit that I agree with him.

5. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean I have to have it.  I can pass it on by.  
6.  If it's a rock bottom price, buy it.   Yeah, that's the opposite of what I just mentioned, but it's the truth.  This week I was able to pick up a name brand shampoo/conditioner for 50 cents each so I purchased 6 of them.  I couldn't pass it up and it's great for my stockpile.
7.  Don't buy things that you normally wouldn't use.  I make my own laundry soap much cheaper than any store bought detergent I could buy with any coupon.  I can't justify it. 
8.  Make a price point list.  This is still a work in progress for me and will take time to put together and complete.  It's great info to have the price of what an item sells for retail, on sale and the rock bottom price to know when I can stock up on certain items. 
9.  The coupon binder takes time to put together.  I had made all of my binder divisions before I started putting coupons and it was really confusing.  My choice of sections isn't like everyone else's and I found it's easier to simply start off with three sections which are cleaning stuff,  personal hygiene and food.  After having those in place I can add subdivisions that fit my need.  Soooo much easier! 
10.  Everything is not free.  All those extreme couponing shows are not realistic.  Deals will come and deals will go.
11.  Couponing is not a waste of money.  I have saved so much money on things that I normally would have purchased anyhow.  I was able to buy 6 containers of Mitchum deodorant my first week for a grand total of $5.88.  I would have normally purchased those for 3.23 cents each and would have cost $19.38.
These are some of the things I've gleaned through friends, online friends and local sites that have been such a great encouragement to me.  
Thanks friends!
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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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