Only by Pride Comes Contention~ Proverbs 13:10 Bible Journaling

Good Morning!  
This week, I saved up all of my pennies,  got a coupon and went and splurged on a Tim Holtz stamp set.  
And WHO loses the lowercase 'i' on her first journaling and STILL can't find it?  
Why...that would be me!  :)  
I had to improvise and make an i from the j.  
Hopefully it will show up soon! 
This verse in Proverbs speaks volumes!   
Only by PRIDE comes contention.  
All the arguing. 
All of the bickering.
The desire to need to be right. 
The need to have the preeminence. 
The pettiness of holding grudges and the list goes on...

What is the ROOT of all those works of the flesh?
You got it!  PRIDE! 
 But there is a solution!  
James 4:6 says,  "But he giveth more grace.  Wherefore he saith,  God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.  
If we yield ourselves in humility, God gives us grace.  
And more grace.
Here's a final shot of the entire page open. 
The heart motif at left was made to cover a bit of bleed through on a previous journaling. 

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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm always glad you pop on over!

  2. What a great look to your bible journaling! So cool :)

    1. I'm still new and trying all sorts of tecniques! So much fun!!! Glad you stopped by!