My Dining Room Table Centerpiece

Doing a Shot a Day is causing me to try and see things in a new light and I think I'll have to start trying to be creative.  It IS, after all, still January with many more days to come till the end of the year!  
Someone had given me the bottom milk glass plate and I absolutely love it.  The scalloped edges and vintage style match my kitchen so well.   Along the way I've been able to pick up some bowls at the the thrift store and even the cake stand below to go with it.  The cup is very delicate white china and the glass dome was also a thrift store find.  The bird nest was purchased from target for a few dollars last easter.  
All stacked up and layered~ I simply love it.  It's not what you'd normally find on a table and I love the fact that it's different. 
 And I like different! 
I shot this in manual mode at f3 1/250 ISO 1000.  The light coming in our dining room (and living room is absolutely wonderful diffused light and the way my 105mm captures light is just incredible.  It can  make even the most boring subject look a lot better!

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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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