Love Your Neighbor as Yourself~ Bible Journaling~ Matthew 22:39

I've always had it in my heart to buy one of the kits from Illustrated Faith and do hope to get one someday but being on a budget has put that off for the time being.   

One day very soon!

The thought crossed my mind very recently to make try my hand at imitating those wonderful word stickers and kits that I have seen so many other journalers make and this was the result today.  
 I cut up some strips of some scrapbook paper,  stamped the words to my bible verse on them in different fonts and colors, cut them out, and glued them into my bible with a tape runner.  Prior to that I laid down a base of acrylic paints in the same colors as my scrapbooking 'stickers'  and added yellow as a complimentary color.  I edged the words in a black non bleeding fine point sharpie. 

Lastly,  I added a complimentary yellow tag to finish it all off. 

I'm telling you, I couldn't be MORE pleased with the results!  
I love this journaling! 
 Oh how it's so easy to love ourselves and forget about our neighbor, 
We face them every day~  the gal who pushes our buttons at the store or the server who is less then kind to us at a restaurant.  
Our actions should be motivated by the Lord who admonishes us to love those people as we would our self...even if it's difficult.  
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Have a Lovely Day!!!


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