Open Rebuke is Better than Secret Love~ Bible Journaling~ Proverbs 27:5

 Open Rebuke is better than secret love.  
You've heard the scripture, and so have I.  
Do I believe it?  Absolutely!  
 When I was a baby Christian I thought it was all about correction.  
If sin was mentioned in a sermon I was the loudest Amen.     
"How can they DO such a thing?" 

"Don't they know that they are WRONG?"

How could those 'so called' Christians do that? 
Let me tell you, friends, my motives were NOT pure.  
I was rejoicing that they were being corrected.   
I was gloating in my pharasaical righteousness.
I was so concerned with the business of other saints that I couldn't pay attention to my own needs.  

I cringe.
 God has helped me to throw my pitchfork religion out the window and focus on my own shortcomings.    
And believe me, there are many.  

Thank the Good Lord for grace, growth and wisdom! 
The motive of correction should always be restoration.  
Correction should not be done simply because it can. 
Paul corrected the Galatian church, but his heart was made known to them when he said he wanted Christ to be formed in them. 

It was as if he was giving birth to them.  
Giving.  Birth.  

He wanted the best for them.  
A Vibrant Faith. 
He wanted the Living Christ being formed in them, abiding with them.  

What a wonderful heart of a Pastor!  
The truth spoken in love should leave the heart of the person being corrected challenged and desirous to change.  

That's not to say it doesn't hurt.  
Oh, it does!  

But the heart of a pastor who is called by the Lord always wants to see their flock growing and thriving in their Christianity.   

What a wonderful God we serve and thank the Lord His desire for us is only for our benefit! 

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  1. You know, I am still in awe of how wonderful you are at bible journaling. I have grown so much since I've been born again. At first, there were only subtle changes. I stopped cursing and I was more careful about what movies I would watch, mainly R rated movies. Like you, I'm learning that I have such a long way to go. I had to humble myself and look at everybody the way Jesus does and realize that I'm not above any of my brother and sisters in Christ. I had to stop gossiping, which I didn't realize would be so hard. I had to put God first... period and I try to start my mornings off with prayer and reading my bible. There are too many mornings that I still don't and I'm working on that. I am a work in progress and I am just so thankful for God's mercy and grace. Even though I fail Him time and time again, He is patient with me and yes, what a wonderful God we serve.

    I did get your links, by the way, but unfortunately, I'm not on Facebook. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend... :)

    1. Dee,,
      Your comment is SOOO sweet! Truly, I am of very little talent but do love to try to be creative! I think you should join me in journaling!