Till Now the Lord has Helped Us~ 1 Samuel 7:12~ Bible Journaling

It's been 3 years and 3 months since that day when my world started to spin off its axis.  I watched my husband, the man whom I had loved for 23 years, collapse into my arms and go unconscious.  It took over 24 hours for the results to come back as the doctors in Korea scrambled to find out what was wrong with my him. 
 The diagnosis was three brain aneurysms, one of which hemmoraghed.
  I'm still amazed at the process of what transpired.  He spent 2 weeks in the Neurological ICU and I watched a miracle occur.  There is/was no brain damage or memory loss.  There are some people who die of one brain aneurysm which makes it even more astounding.  

Miracles are what happen to OTHER people but I watched the Lord do wonderful things for us.  It was amazing.  After two surgeries were done to coil the aneurysms in Korea, we moved back to America.   

A few weeks ago, Dave had a CT scan to see how things are going.  Dr Ashley gave us a wonderful report today!!!  There is no occlusion on any of the three coils and everything looks great.  
We don't have to have another follow up for another 5 years.  

It's music to my ears!!!!

I can't tell you how much I breathed a sigh of relief this afternoon.   

The scripture that I have journaled today was one that helped me during my husband's hospitalization and afterwards. 

1 Samuel 7:12 says,  
Then Samuel took a stone,  and set it betwen Mizpeh and Shen,  and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.  
When my husband survived the aneurysms,  God was helping us.  
When he had complications in the hospital, God was still helping us.  
When he occasionally has headaches,  God is still helping us

No matter what happens,  God is still helping us.  
He is still with us.   

I'm sure you can understand why this verse is such a sweet truth to me.  
It continues to keep me grounded in God's truth.  

 The Lord can keep us in times of great trial and hardship!
Up until this very moment he has helped us and been so good to us!

Have a Lovely Day~!

This drawing was inspired by the work of Heather Stillufsen.

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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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  1. Praise God, Lillian, for this wonderful testimony of the mighty healing hand of God on your husband! Sweet blessings to you and your family!

    Walking in His Grace,

    1. We're so grateful to the Lord every single day! (((hugs)))