Stepping Back in Time to Enzo's/Karmel Korn Shop in Chicago Heights, Illinois

If some places stand still in time, Enzo's and the Carmel Corn in Chicago Heights is one of them.  While eating there a few weekends ago,  the owner told me the signs were still the same and it was basically the same as it was many years ago.  

The business has been family owned since 1931 if I remember correctly.  

It's like stepping back a few decades.  
The Chicago Style Pizza is wonderful and cooked in a brick oven.
Penny Candy and Carmel Corn homemade daily with pretty ribbons to wrap.
My friend and I had the Gyros which were great.  Her son had the pizza by the slice which looked wonderful.  (One slice is definitely a meal!)   It can be purchased by the pie as well.  

bWhile we were finishing up our meal,  they brought us samples of their Italian Beef and the meat was VERY tender and flavorful and I have to order that the next time.  They also gave us a sample of their carmel corn.  Yum! 
If you're looking for Gyro's, Italian Beef and Chicago Style Pizza with great customer service then Enzo's/Karmel Korn is it.  

It's located at 1710 Chicago Rd.  
Both shops can be accessed through Enzo's.  
Parking is available on the South Side of the building.
You can find their facebook page here.

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