The Beginning of my Journaling Organization

One thing I've noticed is that my journaling area can become quite a messy craft!  Buying new materials can leave me with quite the quandary on where to put all of the 'junk' I acquire.  
I had seen this craftsman tool carrier in a few groups recently and put it on my list of things to get.  My craft space (ie table) is getting pretty disorganized so today was the day to purchase since I've been saving my nickels and dimes.  I found them at Sears for $11.21 online and the in store price is a dollar or so more expensive.  If you mention the price online they will price match.  

My nearest Sears is about a 25 minute drive (one way), so on a whim I called a local Kmart and they also had them in stock.  The money that I would have spent on gas and time was worth my quick trip for a little over a dollar more.  

The tote is a really nice pink and made from a very durable canvas.  
There's two pockets on one side.
On the flip side there are velcro attachments.  
I think some washi tape could belong here.

The large center cavity is very spacious.  
The entire tote is made of a metal frame with a nice foam handle.  Super durable.
The sewing is great quality and the grommets are heavy duty.  
I also went to the Dollar Tree today and found these chopping mats to use underneath the bible page I am working on to keep the other areas of the bible free from paint.

I think I can use these to mix paint on as well. 
And, last but not least,  these cute floral stickers were a dollar each.
They are dimensional and oh so pretty! 
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Have a Lovely Day!!!


  1. I love the color!! I feel like I need two of for tools and one for my Bible journaling supplies!! :)

    1. I think you need two as well! :) Your blog is lovely! Do you have a seperate blog for your journaling?