Worship Wednesday~ Jesus, Son of God~ Chris Tomlin

Do you ever just wonder how God can love you?  
With the multitude of sin that beset me,  God's love was so merciful to me, his love boundless to me,  
His wonderful power reached out to me and He keeps me in His wonderful love!
  God's grace is truly AMAZING! 
It's only expected that His name is the ONLY name that should receive Praise and Honor!
Why does God want us to worship Him?  
So that He becomes LARGER and we become smaller! 

I will praise thee,  O Lod my god,  with all my heart: and I will glorify they name for evermore.   ~Psalm 86:12

I woke up with this song in my head this morning and it's my reasonable service to sing these words back to the One 
who bestowed on me everything that is good in my life.  
It's my desire to walk intentionally with Him and to put Him first in all that I do.  
From the smallest things to the very large I want to invite Him in to every process throughout my day.  

I hope you enjoy this worship song as much as I do! 
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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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