Cheese Crisps

I tried my hand today at making some super easy cheesy crisps today.  
They are perfect for 'chips' and dip or as a garnish
~whatever your hearts desire.
They were extremely easy because I bought a bag of pre-cut cubes of cheese so I didn't have to cut up any myself.  This is the only ingredient.  Hooray for simplicity! 
 I placed the cheese on parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet and baked them at 350* until the cheese became brown on the edges and lacy. If they're not brown and lacy then place them back in the oven for a minute or two.  I also wouldn't recommend putting them this close together or you won't have seperated chips.  Ask me how I know.  
It should take only a few minutes to bake so don't leave them unattended.  
The parchment paper will allow easy removal.  
Allow to cool and they will harden up.  

Enjoy with your favorite dip and veggies!
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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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