Diagnosed with Diabetes

In March of 2013 I had my yearly physical and all went well.  The doctor told me about my blood sugar levels being prediabetic but the doctor gave me the impression that it wasn't something I should worry about.  I really wish that more attention and urging was given to me because, honestly, I left without giving it any more thought.  And besides that, diabetes is something that happens to OTHER people and not me.  (Shame on me for that mindset!)

Fast forward a year later (2 months ago) and I had my 2014 physical.  
Yup.  Full blown diabetes.  
My provider told me that she could put me on meds or I could control it through diet and exercise.  I hate taking aspirin, let alone meds, so I told her that I would make changes and control it through diet and exercise.  We traveled to Missouri for a conference soon after that, and still no change happened in my efforts.  It took about 3 weeks for me to finally start researching what exactly I need to do and I am still learning about it.  Then came action. 

I've completely cut out ALL sugar, flour, rice, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and yams, processed foods and completely stopped drinking sugary drinks including Coke and Juices.  My main drink is water and occasionally I'll make infused water.  If you know me, you know how I loved my sugar, baked goods, coke, potatoes and rice.  Living in Asia for over 12 years made me LOVE rice and not having any of the aforementioned is absolutely revolutionary for me.  I rarely shop in the 'middle' of the stores any more, and have been shopping the perimeter of the store which includes meat, dairy and the produce sections. 99 percent of the middle of the store is practically useless for a person with diabetes. 

Within 2 weeks I had my blood glucose levels in control which was pretty amazing in itself.  In the past 4 weeks I have had my fasting blood glucose levels  between the 80's to 110's with a few readings in the 120's.  In order to keep damage from happening to the organs, blood sugar levels should be kept below 140.  

I've learned a few things so far (lots more to learn) and the most disconcerting thing is that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet recommendations will keep you hooked on pills and insulin.  Thank the Lord I was diagnosed early and am able to keep it in check. Many people continue on with their diabetes thinking that the pills and insulin will somehow 'balance out' the eating of carbs in their diet.  If carbs are not consumed, our pancreas can produce the insulin needed for our bodies.  This is,  of course, for someone who does not have any damage to their pancreas and other organs.  A person who continuously eats carbs will continue to elevate their blood sugars and increases the rate of kidney failure, glaucoma, limb amputations etc.  It's truly a scary thing.  No one dies of diabetes.  But some do die of the complications from diabetes.

I've met many people online who have taken a no nonsense, aggresive stance against their diabetes and have gotten off their meds and are controlling their diabetes through a lifestyle change of exercise and diet.  It can be done.  While diabetes can't be reversed, the progression of the disease can be stopped.  And that is my plan of attack.  

It's not an easy road and I'm so glad my husband is understanding when I've changed his diet along with mine.  I do still cook up a batch of mashed potatoes for him every now and then, but he hasn't uttered one word of complaint.  I'm grateful! 

I've lost about 15 pounds without even trying... how great is that?  I'm not watching the scale or anything like that... just trying to eat to fuel my body to the best of my ability and keep my blood glucose levels down..

My intent wasn't to make this blog entirely about food and recipes, but that is where it has been going lately due to recent goings on. If I can help or inspire one person make a better choice today, then it has been a great day.   

I do hope to do more photography and home related stuff in the future!
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