Cucumber~Lemon Water

Summer is here!  And what better drink to sit in the shade and enjoy life with?  If only I had a hammock!

I've given up Coca Cola and diet drinks don't bode well for me.  
A few weeks ago I found this video on you tube by The Hour Glass Life and knew I was going to have to try it.
 I washed a and sliced up half a cucumber and half a lemon and added bottled water to my jar.  After I emptied the container of water I simply added more water to flavor my next batch.  
 And, might I add, it tastes great?  The cucumber is smooth and the lemon gives it a wonderful zing.
 Seriously, with all of the chemicals in Crystal Light this will definitely be my go to drink when I want a punch of flavor in my water.  

Next, I want to try cucumber mint.  Oh... it's gonna be good! 
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Have a Lovely Day!!!

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